in Sacramento, CA

PALLAS Laser is a safe and effective treatment for vitiligo, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. It works by delivering UVB light targeted to affected areas.

Key Benefits of the PALLAS Laser:

Less Side Effects

The PALLAS Laser has a unique, solid state design and outputs light at a controlled amount of either 308 nm or 311 nm, as chosen by your provider. Either wavelength provides the highest level of efficacy while minimizing undesirable side effects.

Proven Equivalent Effect

The PALLAS Laser output at 311 nm exhibits equivalent efficacy as common PALLAS lasers’ 308 nm wavelength. This equivalence is clinically proven with results published in a variety of academic journals.

Reliability and Safety

The PALLAS laser is an FDA cleared and CE Marked laser system providing safe and efficacious treatments.

PALLAS Laser vs Phototherapy Booth

Phototherapy Booth
 Focused and more powerfulTreat large areas of the body quickly
When is it good? 
Local diseaseWidespread disease
How many times a week? 
Two times a weekThree times a week

Early diagnosis and consistent treatment is key. Consult with your provider to learn more about the benefits of PALLAS laser treatments. Call us at (916) 925-7020, or request an appointment online.