Patient Centered Sacramento Dermatologist Near You

We are excited to announce the opening of Pacific Skin Institute. We are board-certified dermatologists with offices in Sacramento and Folsom. The three of us have come together to build this practice so that we are both welcoming and patient-centered. If you are in the Sacramento or Folsom area, you might be wondering who are these dermatologists near me? We wanted to introduce ourselves so that you get to know us and our philosophy a little better.



Dr. Chambers is a native of Californian and has been in Northern California her entire life. Her patient-centered approach comes from her deep understanding of human psychology and her empathy to connect with patients. She trained in psychiatry prior to her dermatology training and it makes her exceptionally sensitive to her patient’s needs. Dr. Chambers has a rich history of teaching and research as a faculty member in the UC Davis Dermatology department and she brings her rich knowledge base and experience to Pacific Skin Institute.



Dr. Sivamani was running around the Atlantic shores of Florida and South Carolina before his parents moved west to California at the age of 8. Ever since then, he’s been a California boy and can’t get enough of Northern California. His path has taken him on quite a journey from his Bioengineering days at UC Berkeley to medical school and dermatology residency training at UC Davis and his training in Ayurvedic medicine. He loves the art of medicine and finds that connecting with his patients and putting himself in their shoes is what gives him the ability to connect deeply with his patients. His integrative approach to combine modern science and research with Eastern philosophies helps him connect spiritually yet stay grounded in scientific evidence when caring for patients.

Dr. Sivamani was a faculty member in the UC Davis Dermatology Department and continues to conduct clinical studies on gut health, gut-skin axis, nutrition, and cosmeceuticals in dermatology as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology.



With over 30+ years of providing medical care to patients, research and teaching in Dermatology. Dr. An Yen is a highly regarded dermatologist in Sacramento and internationally.

Dr. Yen had been one of the senior clinical professors at UC Davis after having taught there nearly two decades. In 2018, he retired and became a volunteer clinical professor at UC Davis Dermatology.  He successfully built his clinical practice in Sacramento. He is also a talented dermatologist in surgical skills after has been performing tens of thousands of surgical procedures.

We look forward to serving as the very best dermatologists in Sacramento, Folsom, and Vacaville and look forward to the exciting times ahead with Pacific Skin Institute.