What is an Excimer laser?

The Excimer laser delivers energy at 308 nm, which is in the narrowband ultraviolet B spectrum.

What diseases does the Excimer laser treat?

The Excimer laser may be used to treat conditions that respond to ultraviolet B therapy such as:

  • Psoriasis: focal area of disease or scalp psoriasis
  • Vitiligo: focal area of disease

What are the benefits of Excimer phototherapy over full body phototherapy?

The Excimer laser delivers the ultraviolet B light in a more focused and powerful manner. This allows for the treatment areas to receive more energy without exposing the unaffected areas of the body. We use the Excimer at the Sacramento clinic to treat psoriasis and vitiligo that are more focused in one area. For example psoriasis or vitiligo that only affects one area of the body would be suitable for treatment. Learn how the Excimer laser is different from phototherapy below.

How would you know if the Excimer laser is right for you?

Please visit us for a medical visit and our practitioners can determine if the Excimer laser is a good treatment option for you.

Excimer Laser vs Phototherapy Booth

Excimer Laser

Phototherapy Booth


 Focused and more powerful

Treat large areas of the body quickly

When is it good? 

Local disease

Widespread disease

How many times a week? 

Two times a week

Three times a week

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